Is your Board, School District, or Leadership Team struggling to solve a specific problem?

Is your team lacking the expertise to implement a strategic objective or troubleshoot a potential issue?


Dr. Andy can help! He works collaboratively with school boards, district leaders, and school teams to contribute support, provide direction, and find solutions to problems.

Dr. Andy has more than 25 years of experience working alongside school boards, district leadership, and school leadership teams solving problems related to team and board development, school and district climate, student performance, teacher development, organizational systems, planning, and program or curriculum implementation, and bias in the workplace.

Dr. Andy has a diverse background of leadership experience in public school districts, non-profit organizations, and charter schools, and he can help you with your consulting needs.


Teachers and Principals Developed

What Others Are Saying About Dr. Andy Parker’s Consulting…

“Andy is a one of those rare transformational leaders. I’ve seen first-hand how his leadership and coaching of others completely turns a school around. He is a problem-solver and a model for relationship-building with boards, colleagues, parents, and students.”

Dr. Rusty Dempsey

Director of Student Support Services, Firstline Schools

A few of the consulting partnership areas Dr. Andy can assist you with include: 


  • School board development
  • Team development and dynamics
  • Improving School and District Climate
  • Improving student attendance, academic performance, and behavior
  • Organizational systems and effectiveness
  • Strategic program / process implementation
  • Impact of Implicit bias in the workplace
  • Culturally responsive schools

Dr. Andy Has Worked With…

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