Executive Leadership Coaching

Why is Executive Leadership Coaching so important?

An organization’s climate and results are a direct reflection of its leadership. Often, those in executive leadership roles like Director, Chief, Assistant Superintendent, Superintendent, or CEO, support and develop others with little to no attention to their own development because there simply is no time left in the day for that.


Why Dr. Andy?

Dr. Andy has served in executive roles such as Assistant Superintendent, Chief Academic Officer, and Co-CEO and understands the challenges of balancing time with the development of those whose responsibilities are critical to the success of the organization.


What Others Are Saying About Dr. Andy’s Executive Coaching…
“Dr. Parker loves helping people achieve their goals and gain more fulfillment out of their lives. He understands success and how to do the specific things it takes to be successful. He is real and speaks from experience.”
Dr. Rebecca Ladner

Former Superintendent, Bay-Waveland School District

What can Executive Leadership Coaching with Dr. Andy look like?

Working with Dr. Andy is a partnership whose foundation is built on the needs of the leader and the needs of the school. The work is grounded in data and relies on mutual trust.

STEP 1: Status Assessment

The initial conversation with Dr. Andy will encompass:

• The executive’s vision that they hold for their departments and the organization.
• Current performance status of the department or organization.
• The strategic goals for the department or organization.

Then, the executive leader will take the Emergenetics® Profile.


STEP 2: Data Collection and Analysis

Then, Dr. Andy follows these steps:

• Gathers data from stakeholders using surveys.
• Analyzes the executive’s Emergenetics® Profile results, and plan a debrief of the data points.
• Observes the executive in action.
• Debriefs the Emergenetics® profile results with the executive.

Next, the executive leader and Dr. Andy decides on 1-3 goals on which to focus.



Step 3: Action Planning

Next, the leader and Dr. Andy will build an action plan that is suited to the leader and organization’s needs based on the data trends. Goals may encompass the areas of:

• Interpersonal Skills / Emotional Intelligence.
• Strategic Planning.
• Team structures and project management.
• Community and stakeholder engagement.
• Influencing school leaders, teachers, or others to action.


Above is a sample of what coaching can look like. Dr. Andy will work with the leader to map out an individualized plan that is based on each leader and organization’s needs.

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