Leadership Team Coaching

Why is Leadership Team Coaching so important?

The principal, central office supervisor, or superintendent cannot lead every aspect of the organization. In addition to their many responsibilities, they also have a duty to provide encouragement and development to the other leaders on their teams so that the important work of schools translates to student learning and results. This is where leadership team coaching becomes vital.

Why Dr. Andy? 

Dr. Andy has led and coached several high-performing teams and knows how important understanding teammates’ behavior and thinking preferences is and how those work in a synchronous manner to achieve results.


What Others Are Saying About Dr. Andy’s Leadership Team Coaching…
The coaching and guidance that Dr. Andy provided my team was essential to our school’s success. His personal approach helped us truly grow as a school and as a team. Dr. Andy’s experience assisted my team by pushing our thinking and understanding of our school’s mission and how to put that mission into action.”
Michael George


“Effective coaching relationships do not magically materialize in classrooms or in the principal’s office without thoughtful, strategic work. This work often involves learning and change, two concepts Dr. Andy’s masterfully addresses. An effective coach leads with humility, allows for shared learning, and listens to understand the goals and needs of the teacher or leader to support the work at hand. Dr. Andy is that leader; he connects with people, providing coaching and support that deliver results.”
Jodi Arndt

Director of Literacy


What can Leadership Team Coaching with Dr. Andy look like?

Working with Dr. Andy is a partnership whose foundation is built on the needs of the leadership team and the needs of the school or department. The work is grounded in data and relies on mutual trust.


STEP 1: Status Assessment

The team’s initial conversation with Dr. Andy will encompass:

• The vision they hold for the team and the school, department, or district.
• Where the team, school, department, or district is performing currently.
• What the collective goal is for the team.

Then, the team will take the Emergenetics® Profile.

STEP 2: Data Collection and Analysis

Then, Dr. Andy follows these steps:

• Gathers data from stakeholders using surveys.
• Analyzes the team’s Emergenetics® Profile results, plans a Meeting of the Minds development session, and plans the debrief of all data.
• Observes school day in action to see routines, interactions, and classroom instruction.
• Conducts the Meeting of the Minds development session on Emergenetics® profile results.

The team and Dr. Andy decide on 1 – 3 goals on which the team will focus.



Step 3: Action Planning

Next, the team and Dr. Andy will build an action plan that is suited to the team’s and school or district’s needs based on the data trends. Goals may encompass the areas of:

• Interpersonal Skills / Emotional Intelligence.
• Strategies for working efficiently and effectively with others.
• Team structures and project management.
• Instructional leadership.
• Influencing school leaders, teachers, or others to action.


This is one way that leadership team coaching can look.  Dr. Andy works with each team to develop an individualized team plan that is geared to develop each member and achieve results for the school or the department.

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