About STEP™ / Emergenetics®

Is part of your school’s mission to create global thinkers, develop a culture of acceptance and respect, and prepare students to work on culturally and cognitively diverse teams?

The Emergenetics® Adult Profile and the STEP™ (Student Teacher Emergenetics Program) Student Report are tools that can help school leaders do just that. The science behind Emergenetics® combines the interplay of genetics with life experiences.


“Who you are today is a result of certain characteristics that have emerged from your life experiences, plus the genetics with which you were born. This interplay between nature and nurture is the foundation of EMERGENETICS, a brain-based approach to personality profiling that gives you the keys you need to discover not only your own natural strengths and talents, but also those of others.”
Geil Browning, Ph.D.


The 100-item Emergenetics® questionnaire is the product of rigorous research proven to reliably capture the seven fundamental thinking and behavioral preferences. Both the adult profile and the student report provide insight into 4 thinking and 3 behavior attributes that people use regularly in work, learning, communication, and interpersonal relationships.


STEP | Student/Teacher Emergenetics Program™

STEP™ takes the powerful science behind Emergentics® and applies it to the educational setting. It empowers principals, teachers, and students to use their thinking and behavior attributes to more fully understand themselves, how they can function more effectively as a team member, and how they can be more productive.

Based on Emergenetics theory, STEP™ honors students’ strengths through the seven distinct thinking and behavior attributes. The result: increased tolerance, motivation, engagement, self-awareness, and an ability to collaborate successfully in cognitively diverse teams.

STEP™ is an exciting way to integrate how people prefer to learn and how teachers can facilitate an educational environment that enhances, deepens, and provides authentic learning experiences for all.

Are you ready for a phenomenal transformation for your school and classrooms using STEP™?

Find out more about Dr. Andy’s STEP™ / Emergenetics® Workshops and how they can help you create global thinkers, develop a culture of acceptance and respect, and build productive teams.


Ready for a phenomenal transformation of your school and classrooms using STEP™?

Check out Dr. Andy's Workshops and how they can help transform your school!

Dr. Andy is a Certified STEP™ / Emergenetics® Associate
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