Culturally Responsive Leadership

With the changing demographics of our country, it is imperative that we meet the needs of ALL of our students and that they feel a valued part of the school.

Dr. Andy offers two signature workshops to help promote culturally responsive leadership in education.

Diamonds Are Forever, Implicit Biases Don’t Have To Be

In addition to beauty, diamonds have long symbolized inflexible strength because of their chemical and physical make up. Sometimes, our thoughts and our behavior patterns can resemble the rigidity of a diamond. Yet, unlike diamonds, people are more flexible, more able to change.

No matter our cultural or racial backgrounds, we all exhibit implicit biases – those subconscious thoughts embedded from an early age about groups of people, places, or things that are running in the background of our minds, affecting our decisions, actions, and relationships.

This interactive session designed for school staff explores the origins of our implicit biases, asks us to unearth some of our own implicit biases, and offers strategies to identify implicit biases and how they can impact the work we do in our schools.

Participants are provided the implicit bias surveys prior to the workshop so they may bring the results to the session.

Participants will take away:

  • Strategies to identify implicit biases at play in classrooms and schools.
  • The pitfalls of implicit biases on students, staff, parents, and the work.
  • Strategies to proactively address implicit biases and their impact on our work in schools.

Workshop Length: The Workshop May Be 60 Minutes to Half Day Session

Extreme Classroom Makeover:

Culturally Responsive Teaching Strategies that Guarantee Student Success

Has your classroom grown to include a diverse set of learners and you are struggling to keep up to meet their needs?

This workshop tailored specifically to teachers, focuses on the two areas of culturally responsive teaching: Curriculum Choice and Instructional Strategies.

This interactive workshop will examine curricula and teaching strategies for culturally-responsive instruction through the use of discussion, videos, small group work, speaker talk, and reading scholarly text excerpts.


Teachers will leave the session able to:

  • Assess current curriculum for cultural bias
  • Plan a culturally balanced curriculum
  • Implement specific culturally responsive teaching strategies in their classrooms that ensure student success

Workshop Length: The Workshop May Be 60 Minutes to Half Day Session

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