G.R.E.A.T.! Principals’ Institute™

Are you looking for a dynamic training opportunity to develop principals and leadership teams?


Are you a Principal looking to catapult your skillset to the next level?

Look no further. Dr. Andy’s G.R.E.A.T.! Principals’ Institute™ is the transformational development tool principals need.

Quality teachers in classrooms are the most important indicators of student achievement. Second to teachers is the quality of school leadership. Research shows us that the relationships of principals, as school leaders, strongly and directly affect teachers’ attitudes and that teachers’ attitudes define the school climate. Therefore, principals are key personalities in schools whose actions directly shape their schools’ climates.

We also know that often, school leaders do not prioritize their development for myriad reasons. However, they must have support systemically in their development if school districts are going to retain them in the profession, see continuous growth in their teachers, and realize an increase in student learning.

Dr. Andy has turned around two failing schools, worked with many school leaders as a supervisor and coach, and knows the struggles that school leaders face each day. This intensive 3-day session shows new and renewing principals how all five levers of Dr. Andy’s G.R.E.A.T.! Leadership Philosophy™ for happy, high-achieving schools can work for them.

(Dr. Andy will work with district supervisors to tailor the Institute to the individual needs of principals and schools in attendance.)

Day 1: Become a G.R.E.A.T.! Leader – Learning and Leading with SELF

Did you know that our mindsets impact the quality of the work we give and get from others, as well as the outcomes for our students?

How we view ourselves, think and behave, and our daily habits of mind directly impact our ability to build and maintain relationships and drive game-changing results with others.

Day one of the institute engages leaders in activities of self-discovery about their mindsets, as well as their thinking and behavior attributes. They will learn about specific mindsets that can transform their impact on student and staff morale, school climate, and student achievement. The bulk of the day is spent with leaders learning more about themselves by analyzing their thinking and behaving preferences using the Emergentics® Profile in a Meeting of the Minds Workshop designed to increase self-awareness and build more effective teams. Participants will analyze other data points about themselves and develop ways to promote self-reflection and strategies for working with those who do not think and behave like they do.

Day 2: Build High-Performance Teams – Leading through Others

How do our relationships affect the expectations we hold of ourselves and others?

Day 2 begins with a brief review of Day 1’s inventory results and the why a positive relationship with self is critical for building and maintaining relationships with others. Then, participants move into structured team building activities and challenges where they interact with others to accomplish common goals. Leaders will use their Emergenetics® profiles to reflect on team dynamics during activities and examine research on the impact of strong relationships on various aspects of school.

The last half of Day 2 focuses on the power of enthusiastic high expectations. Participants will explore the science behind smiling, laughing, and expressing enthusiasm and develop strategies for infusing enthusiasm into school rhythms. Leaders will also examine research on high expectations and learn how to artfully communicate and manage a culture of high expectations.

Leaders will create strategies to build relationships with students and staff, strategies to infuse enthusiasm and high expectations, and design team roles and responsibilities matrix for leadership teams.

Day 3: Produce Game-changing Results – Leading with Data and Determination

Is your school reaching its fullest potential in student achievement, in and out of classrooms?

Day 3 of the G.R.E.A.T.! Principals’ Institute™ focuses on leading from a results mindset. Leaders will examine the importance of using data points to impact student learning. They will examine how collective leadership impacts student achievement and create formative data rhythms and follow up structures that support student learning to implement in their schools.

The institute concludes with a final segment on the impact of tenacity on student results. Participants will examine research on academic tenacity and mindsets, and their implications. Leaders will learn strategies for building tenacity in student expectations, behavior management, and instructional delivery to apply in their schools.

Leaders will plan data rhythms around formative assessment systems for the school year, as well as create school-wide strategies for increasing academic tenacity in students.

Follow up to the G.R.E.A.T.! Principals’ Institute™ may include:


Group Principal Coaching




Monthly/Quarterly Professional Development Sessions


A Combination of the Above

What Others Are Saying About Dr. Andy’s G.R.E.A.T.! Principals’ Institute…

“Dr. Parker challenged me to lead and be better than I ever realized I could. He pushed me to expect more of myself. He equipped me with valuable decision-making tools and brought out characteristics in me that I did not even know I possessed. He saw them in me when I did not see them myself. I owe everything I know about being a G.R.E.A.T.!™ school leader to Dr. Parker.”

Emily Jolley


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