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The outcome of any organization – including a school – depends on the expertise of its leader.
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Why Coaching?

Leaders impact their organizations through their decisions, behaviors, and skill sets. Individualized development through coaching is a way for leaders to enrich their technical and soft skills to ensure organizational success.

  • Are you looking for ways to enhance your leadership persona and skill set?
  • Has your school or district hit a performance plateau?
  • Are you looking for ways to connect with, inspire, and motivate your people?

Dr. Andy Parker can help you with all this and more!

Coaching Helps Leaders

  • Reflect on attitudes and behaviors and create new perspectives
  • Increase connections with students and their families
  • Improve morale and reduce staff turnover
  • Increase self-awareness and self-confidence
  • Sharpen problem-solving skills

Have an Active Vision, Strategy, & Roadmap to Reach Your Goals

One of the powerful tools Dr. Andy uses in his coaching is Emergenetics®. Using STEP Student-Teacher Emergenetics Program™ Theory and your Emergenetics® Profile, Dr. Andy can coach you or your leadership team to:

  • Value individual differences in students, staff, and colleagues
  • Provide personalized feedback to staff
  • Communicate more effectively with students, parents, and staff
  • Form purposeful groupings for collaborative professional development
  • Broaden your skills in decision making, creativity, and productivity
  • Enhance school climate and culture
  • Sustain positive school and community relationships
  • Leverage your team’s and your strengths to improve performance and results
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Explore How Dr. Andy Can Help You

Dr. Andy offers a variety of one-on-one coaching and team coaching services which incorporate the use of Emergenetics®. To learn more, select which best describes your coaching need.  

Principal Coaching

Dr. Andy works with each principal and his or her manager to construct an individualized plan that targets school-specific problems and offers solutions. Working with Dr. Andy is a partnership whose foundation is built on the needs of the leader and the needs of the school. The work is grounded in data and relies on mutual trust.

Executive Leadership Coaching

Dr. Andy has served in executive roles such as Assistant Superintendent, Chief Academic Officer, and Co-CEO/Chief Schools Officer and understands the challenges of balancing time with the development of those whose responsibilities are critical to the success of the organization.  Coaching involves self-reflection, analyzing system data, and identifying strategies to tackle gaps in that data.

Leadership Team Coaching

Dr. Andy has led and coached several high-performing teams and knows how important understanding teammates’ behavior and thinking preferences is and how those work in a synchronous manner to achieve results.

What Others are Saying about Dr. Andy Parker’s Coaching Services

Dr. Parker has an uncanny ability to recognize the needs of specific districts in how to work WITH and THROUGH school leaders to generate positive growth. He has served as a catalyst to impact change within our district culture as he has provided the momentum to guide us and our collective ability to work as a unified System of Excellence!
Dr. Talia Lock

Superintendent , Long Beach School District

Dr. Parker’s wealth of knowledge and coaching expertise helped to improve the culture of Instructional Leadership Teams at several schools in the East Baton Rouge Parish School System. Dr. Parker’s research-based coaching strategies and passion for educational excellence have created an upward trajectory for various leaders in our district.
Shalika Scott

Executive Director of Schools, East Baton Rouge Parish Schools

Dr. Andy Parker has been instrumental in amplifying the leadership skills and efficacy of our school system’s administrators. His insights into the ever-changing role and responsibilities of educational leadership, coupled with his straightforward and astute attention to administrator competencies and challenges, has been transformational for both our new and seasoned principals.
Dr. Teresa Bagwell

Superintendent of Schools, St. Mary Parish School Board

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Leadership Coaching?
Leadership coaching is a process that uses questioning and problem-solving strategies to help leaders tackle important issues. It involves:

  • Building awareness of self, the organization, and its people through reflection and feedback.
  • Sparking action to address issues and evoke change.
  • Guiding professional learning and building new skillsets.
How Do I Know if leadership coaching Is right for Me?
Leadership coaching is not for every leader. The leader must first be open to coaching and want to grow. If you

  • Are open to feedback
  • Appreciate a focused thought partner
  • Want to grow and gain new perspectives,

Then leadership coaching will be a great tool to add to your leadership toolbox.

What Types of Leaders and School Organizations Does Dr. Andy work with?
Dr. Andy works with school and district leaders and leadership teams in public, private, independent, parochial, and charter schools. All work is individualized to the leader’s or leadership team’s needs and is rooted in data analysis and feedback from stakeholders. Dr. Andy also works with school boards and school boards’ associations to provide training, development, and coaching.
Through what means is coaching delivered, and how long are the coaching sessions?
Dr. Andy provides face-to-face, virtual, and phone leadership coaching sessions. The length of the sessions ranges from one-hour phone or virtual sessions to half-day and whole-day sessions, both virtually and face-to-face. Sometimes, leaders also choose a blend of these services. Dr. Andy will work with you to determine the best mode(s) of coaching delivery.
Can we engage Dr. Andy to deliver multiple services at the same time?
Yes, the best of results come from a blend of training and coaching where Dr. Andy follows up with leaders on the application of the content that they have learned in training sessions. Dr. Andy is also able to provide districts with his signature keynote address, Building Brilliant Schools: What G.R.E.A.T. Leaders Do differently. Dr. Andy customizes his message based on the audience and with input from the school or district leaders. Thinking strategically about what you want to accomplish through your work with Dr. Andy will help you and him determine the most effective services that will benefit your school and its leaders.

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