Improving School Performance

Is your school exceeding its academic targets?

Have you been thinking about how you can have a greater impact on your school?

Dr. Andy can help. He has turned around two failing schools and knows what it takes to improve school performance. During his last principalship, Dr. Andy led an amazing transformation of a high school and got these results:


School performance scores increased each year of his five-year tenure.


Students scoring Proficient and Advanced increased each year in all subject-area tested classes.


The school's drop out rate moved from one of the state's highest to one of the lowest.


Scholarship offerings soared from just under $700,000 to over $5 million.


Incidents of fighting and shoving declined to nearly zero over the five-year period.

Dr. Andy shares his G.R.E.A.T.! Leadership Philosophy™ and how you can have this kind of success in your school with his Improving School Performance Workshops.

Change Your School’s Outcomes With the Magic of Expectations and Relationships


Is your school struggling with motivation and performance?

Is student discipline taking time away from your work as an instructional leader? 

Learn how you can turn lack of motivation and performance into high achievement and significantly decrease the time spent on handling student discipline issues. This engaging, highly-participatory workshop explores strategies that promote high expectations and strong, positive relationships.

Participants will take away:

  • Specific strategies for setting, communicating, and managing expectations for students, staff, and self.
  • Ideas to decrease student disciplinary infractions and promote positive school culture.
  • Strategies to build and maintain strong, positive relationships with students and staff.


This session can also be tailored to a teacher audience.

Workshop Length: 60 minutes to Half Day Session

Data: The Ultimate Driving Machine for School Leadership Teams

Leadership Teams, start your engines!

Like the data points you get as a driver handling the Ultimate Driving Machine, as school leaders, you have numerous data points from your classrooms and students from which you should be making decisions that yield more efficient processes and higher-performance results from yourself, staff, and students.

This interactive workshop focuses on the performance ingredient in Dr. Andy’s G.R.E.A.T.! Leadership Philosophy™ for schools. The workshop will look at the impact that data, the ultimate driving machine, can have on your school, its classrooms, and your students. The session will examine different types of data and their uses, data management systems and processes, and school rhythms that should be in place in your instructional program to ensure teachers and students are using data effectively for best results.


Attendees will:

  • Identify different types of data and their intended uses.
  • Brainstorm the best data processes and data management systems for their schools.
  • Learn about different school structures that support the use of multiple data points.
  • Identify a data rhythm for their respective schools to include different types of data.
  • Create follow up structures for data systems to evaluate progress to goal.

Workshop Length: 60 minutes to Half Day Session

Ready to Improve School Performance?

Ready to Improve School Performance?

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